Transformation Coaching vs. Traditional Coaching

Traditional Coaching

Traditional coaching typically focuses on specific goals or challenges that clients want to address. This could include areas such as career advancement, improving time management skills, enhancing communication abilities, or achieving specific objectives within a defined timeframe.

The duration of traditional coaching engagements often ranges from a few weeks to several months. The coaching relationship is typically time-bound, with a clear timeline and specific milestones. The number of sessions and their frequency are usually determined at the beginning of the coaching engagement, and progress is measured based on the achievement of specific goals or outcomes.

Transformation Coaching

Transformation coaching, on the other hand, takes a more holistic and deep-rooted approach to personal growth and change. It aims to bring about profound shifts in a person's beliefs, perspectives, and behaviors, which often require more time and commitment.

The duration of a transformation coaching engagement is often longer compared to traditional coaching. It can range from several months to a year or more, depending on the complexity of the client's challenges and the depth of transformation desired. The coaching process is focused on exploring and unraveling deep-seated patterns, limiting beliefs, and emotional blocks that may hinder personal growth.

Transformation coaching recognizes that lasting change takes time and commitment. It allows for a more comprehensive exploration of the client's inner world and supports the integration of new perspectives and behaviors over an extended period. This extended duration allows for a deeper level of self-awareness, increased personal insight, and the development of sustainable habits and practices.

Online Courses

Online mind-body coaching courses are comprehensive programs that combine elements of psychology, mindfulness, and physical well-being to help individuals achieve holistic balance. These courses typically cover topics such as stress management, emotional intelligence, meditation techniques, and exercise routines tailored to individual needs. This is another way I can reach more people at an affordable price!

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