Holistic Healing

Holistic healing is a practice of health and wellness that considers the whole person. Mental, physical, and spiritual aspects of the person are taken into account in order to prevent health issues or promote healing of health issues. Also called integrative or complementary health, holistic health has had a surge in effectiveness research. There are many different types of holistic healing and not all have been shown to be effective. However, not all of the practices that fall under this term have been shown in the research to be effective. Below you can see some of the research on the effectiveness of the healing modalities I am trained in and provide:


Yoga & Yoga Therapy

Ayurveda as part of Yoga Therapy

Reiki- here & here

Online Courses

Online holistic healing courses are comprehensive programs that utilize specific healing modalities, such as Yoga Therapy or Reiki, to help individuals achieve holistic balance. These courses are designed for specific healing concerns such as anxiety, chronic illness, or burnout. This is another way I can reach more people at an affordable price!