Create the Life You Want

Create the Life You Want

Create the life you REALLY want... 

Without years of therapy or spending thousands on seminars!

Sound too good to be true? Trust me--I've done it...

You can too!   

No hoaxes or empty promises; I just want to teach you some simple, valuable skills that have made my life awesome...

3 steps to creating the life you want!

A course that will give you all the skills you need.

I'm Liz, a Psychedelic Integration & Transformational Coach on a mission to help people live their best lives!

I've made a living doing what I love: traveling the world and helping people at the same time. It's a dream come true and I believe everyone deserves to feel the freedom and contentment that comes with living the life you want.

I'm here to help you find it!

Responsible Elizabeth Shuler
Last Update 04/10/2024
Completion Time 1 hour 40 minutes
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  • Day 1
    1Lessons · 45 min
    • Are you ready?
  • Day 2
    1Lessons · 25 min
    • What if you could be confident in yourself?
  • Day 3
    1Lessons · 30 min
    • It's time to move!